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Forearm Fyre

2 Sets ofM1: 5 Single leg RDLM2: 5 Slant board Jefferson curls Strength Every 2 minutes for 5 Sets3 Deadlifts Forearm FyreAMRAP 1810 Toes to…

“Hard Double”

“Hard Double” 7 Rounds: 2 min on/2 min off]15/10 Cal Row 15/10 Cal Bike*Last seen 2-13-2020*If you finish early, extra rest.

Quick Stop

PrehabEMOM 4M1: 10 tricep openersM2: 5 Knee over toe lungs Strength EMOM 10 sets1 Power snatch Quick StopFor time (15 cap)10 Rounds of7 Power snatch…


PrehabEMOM 4M1: Forearm crawlsM2: 10 Tib raises + 10 Slant board calf raises Strength Every 90 seconds for 7 sets2 Hang power cleans + 1…

Erg Legs

Strength Every 2 minutes for 7 sets3 back squats Erg Legs4 sets of2:30 minutes on/ 2:30 minutes off20/15 Calorie row10 Burpees over the rowerMax effort…

CrossFit Open 22.3

Strength Every 90 seconds for 7 sets2 Thrusters *From the floor. CrossFit Open 22.3For time (12 cap)21 Pull ups 42 Double unders21 Thrusters 95/6518 Chest…

Sit-Up Cardio

Sit-Up CardioEMOM 30M1: 15/10 Calorie row or bikeM2: 10 Sit ups + 7 Push upsM3: Rest

Dive Bomber

PrehabEMOM 4M1: 5 Hip airplanesM2: 5 Knee over toe lunges Dive BomberFor time (22 cap)5 rounds of400 Meter run15 Burpee box jumps 24/20

“75 Hard” WOD 3/8/22

PrehabEMOM 4M1: 10 PVC pipe lat openersM2: 5-7 Slant board squats Strength Every 2 minutes for 4 sets3 Front squats + 2 Push jerksEvery 2…

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